New Construction

PRW Plumbing specializes in new commercial construction projects, both large and small all across East Texas. We coordinate our work with general contractors, architects, engineers and other contractors to meet the scope of the commercial building. Our experienced team ensures that all of your plumbing needs are met to complete the project.

We are proud to work with the following commercial builders:

  • KDW Design Builders – Houston, TX
  • Lay Construction, LLC – Tyler, TX
  • The Maintenance Company (Kool Smiles and Resolution Dental) – Longview & Tyler, TX
  • Peterson Construction – Frisco, TX
  • Pharr Construction – Waco, TX

Primary Plumbing Contractor for the following Residential Builders:

  • Arlon Tomes Construction – Hawkins, TX
  • Capstone Homes – Longview, TX
  • Chase Homes, LLC – Tyler, TX
  • Excellent Construction – Flint, TX
  • Greystone Construction – Lindale, TX
  • Jaw Marketing – Longview, TX
  • Johnson Humphrey Homes – Tyler, TX
  • Jon Easling Construction – Winona, TX
  • Longview Habitat for Humanity
  • McCaa Construction – Flint, TX
  • Mezayek Building, LTD – Tyler, TX
  • Nico Fourie Builders – Longview, TX
  • Rider Construction – Winona, TX
  • Rodney Rogers Construction
  • Scott Hamilton Builders – Longview, TX
  • Wright-Built – Hawkins, TX