Gas Piping

Gas piping is important in new construction or repair for any appliance that has a controlled flow of natural gas. Natural gas generally costs 40 percent less than the equivalent amount of electricity or oil. Even with fluctuating energy prices, natural gas is the least expensive energy source available.

A couple of ways you can use natural gas:

  • Water Heater – A natural gas water heater is an extremely efficient way to heat water. A natural gas water heater can heat water twice as fast as an electric water heater of the same size.
  • Gas Range – A natural gas range is a favorite among serious chefs. Natural gas heats quickly and allows instant temperature control.
  • Gas BBQ Grill – Most grills run on either natural gas or propane. There are few things as frustrating as running out of propane half way through barbequing with your friends and family. Having a gas line ensures you never run out.
  • Gas Fireplace – A natural gas fireplace provides warmth and ambiance and it cuts down on the physical labor of dealing with wood logs and cleanup.
  • Gas Dryer – A natural gas dryer dries clothing much more quickly than an electric dryer. A gas dryer can significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes you to do laundry.

Natural gas also offers the convenience of being available for appliances such as the fireplace, water heater and range even during a power outage. Many families have been able to last through a lengthy power outage with heat provided from their natural gas fireplace, hot water from their natural gas water heater and food prepared on their natural gas stove. Unlike electricity, natural gas is delivered safely through an underground distribution system and is unaffected by severe storms.